A client called me to see if I can fix this issue. So I came over. The door was kicked in and it split the jamb as well as damaged the strike plate location causing the door not being able to close properly.

The owner tried to fix it with wood filler and screws but it didn't work well.

So I glue everything up, using total of 4 clamps to hold it in place for an hour. Then I cut off the broken piece where the strike plate will be. This is to be filled with a new wood.

This filling technique is called "dutchman" (google it). Basically you cut off the broken piece and fill the gap with a new piece. It's important to cut the right dimension. Glue the new piece in. Wait a bit, plane it down to surface.

I cut a little gap beside the strike plate hole so the door latch (has some problem as well) can be opened from either inside or outside. Then use wood filler to fill the gap between the new and old wood. Sand it, paint it.

There you go, like nothing ever happened.

A little dressing and we're done.

This took me roughly about 3 hours to finish. It's so satisfying to see it looks new again.

Tools I used:

- Oscillating saw & sander

- Jig saw

- Router

- Chisel

- Block plane

- Gorilla glue

- Wood filler

- Caulk

- Latex white paint

- Vacuum

- Heavy duty & light duty clamps (4)

If you have any issues like this one, now you know who to call.


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