We are a group of designers and installers who have been designing & installing kitchen cabinets since 2012. Founded by Loc Nguyen in Montreal, we started with furniture assembly in 2007. The company expanded into kitchen design and installation as the housing market was heading towards a high demand in kitchen remodeling section. Since then we have helped many of our clients to have their kitchens come to life.

We're serving the Greater Montreal area including the West Island, the South Shore, Laval, Longueil and Boucherville.


There are two reasons for choosing IKEA. First, they are affordable. Second, they are easy to reface. You only need to change the fronts and panels without spending extra money on traditional refacing methods. 

 Our goal is to enable our customers to have their design ideas come to life using IKEA kitchen cabinets and furnishings. We provide inspiration and technical advice and assistance with planning, questions about modification and installation and answers to both common and uncommon queries about designing IKEA kitchens


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Montreal kitchen installer

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Loc Nguyen


Loc has been designing and installing kitchens since 2012 and is now overseeing the whole process of bringing your kitchen to life.